October 18, 2019

Mirrors and I have always had a bad relationship. I have a strong fear of them and try to avoid them as much as possible and if I look in them I make sure its no longer than 30 seconds at a time. If I am doing something in the bathroom I try my best not to look at it through my peripheral.


But like most of my fears, there is a rational reason as to why. Mirrors allow you to see things you normally wouldn't see. They are portals, doorways to the beyond. Ways that allow spirits, ghosts, and even demons to cross over to the realm of the living. Either of their own accord of by someone summoning them deliberately.


When a person dies, all the mirrors in a house should be turned over or even covered. If a corpse were to see itself in a mirror, the soul of the dead will have no rest or in some cases, a corpse seeing themselves in a mirror will bring bad luck to the household... I also believe that if someone where to be possessed by something that their true form will show itself in the mirror.

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Mirrors should never be placed at the foot of the bed. It is bad mojo for a person to see themselves from any angle of the mirror while in bed. Removing or covering mirrors in the bedroom is always recommended. From a young age, mirrors have never been allowed in my room. And I always covered reflective surfaces with black cloth. They should never reflect onto each other because it creates an unstable psychic space. Facing a mirror outward toward a window or door allows a spirit who attempts to cross a threshold or look through a window to get frightened of its own reflection and get scared away. There have been some reports of cursed or haunted mirrors.


Mirrors are also used for scrying purposes. It's very similar to scrying with water. Both are forms of divination. It allows you to look into past lives, as well as past, present, and future events. It is said that Nostradamus used the Scrying Mirror as a tool for predicting the future. Scrying mirrors are pieces of glass that are painted black on one side so that the surface gives a dim but clear reflection.


Scrying involves meditating while staring at a reflective surface in a dimly lit room. The room is usually only lit with the light of a candle. After a short time of staring at the reflective surface, images will begin to flicker before the eyes of the person who is scrying. The images are then interpreted and a description is written down.


The Images seen may not make sense at first but after a little practice, everything will become natural. Scrying aids in developing and strengthening your third eye. Scrying is a passive ability and therefore does not require conscious concentration or mental effort to perform. If you try too hard your conscious rational mind will get in the way creating noise and interference that is impossible too see through. The more you relax your mind and let go of preconceived conscious expectations the clearer the images will be.


We all know of the tale of Bloody Mary. How one would go into the bathroom, lock the door and then proceed to say her name a certain amount of times while looking in the mirror. . Showing yourself how brave you are. That in itself is a form of scrying. Bloody Mary has been around for a very long time. But like many tales, there is more than one version. One version involves walking backward in a dark house up a flight of stairs while holding both a hand mirror and a candle. While looking into the mirror, it is said that you can see the face of your future husband or you’ll see a skull-faced Grim Reaper instead if you’re going to die before you get married. Another version of the Bloody Mary ritual is that you’re supposed to look into a mirror in a dark room and repeat her name three times. The visage of a Bloody Mary apparition is supposed to appear. Some tales claim that Bloody Mary is a malevolent spirit, and others claim her to be benign.




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