Tarot Spell for Job Opportunity and Success

September 3, 2019



This spell will increase your chances of not only finding gainful employment but also help you be successful on the job. Success meaning well suited for and generally happy with your job.This formula is very easy and can be used to attract other things as well such as love,lust,power,fame s etc. all you need to do is choose the appropriate cards to represent the change you wish to attract .




What you need:

Deck of tarot cards particularly ones you don't use daily

Gold or green piece of cloth





starting in the hour of Jupiter or the suns hour if you can


What to do:

First lay out the cloth on a smooth and clean  surface


Take the Fool card from your deck and place it on the left side of the cloth


Remove the Ace of Pentacles from the deck as well and place it on the right side of the cloth


Now begin to inch the cards closer and closer to each other. When they meet turn the fool card face down and place the Ace of Pentacles face up on top of the fool card and slid both cards to the left of the cloth in the original position.


The next day take the King or Queen of Pentacles from your deck and place it on the right side of the cloth



Begin the same process as the day before of inching the cards closer and closer till they meet in the middle.This time flip the ace of pentacles over the fool card should still be face down under it and and place the king or queen of pentacles face up  slide these cards back the starting position.


Do the same process the next day with the Emperor or Empress card.turning over the King or Queen of pentacle cards and placing that card on top


on the last day remove the Sun card from your deck


Place it on the right side of your cloth and complete the process again. This time after placing the Sun face up on top of the other face down cards spend some time meditating on how you would feel to have a satisfying job. Visualize yourself being happy and excited about going to work allow yourself to feel satisfied,accomplished and relieved.


When you feel the spell is complete return the cards to the deck and think nothing of the spell





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