The Witches Handshake

September 1, 2019


The Witches Hand Shake is something I learned in the very beginning. It’s super easy and simple to do. To me the stronger it is has always depended on how close you are to the person you are doing it on. The way I do it is I stretch out both my index and middle finger and place them both lightly on someones wrist. Right where you feel the pulse. It’s suppose to put that person a little off balance and in that moment you place a thought. The thought could be anything such as “ I’m the best person for the job” or “I’ll be getting a raise” or somewhere along those line. When I tried it out to see if it worked I tried it on a friend my though was something simple and immediately after, she did what I had placed. 

Have you tried it before? If not, I highly recommend doing so.


The handshake is not the only thing that has been on my mind. Today we got some exciting news. We've made it onto our first list. Best Pagan Blogs on the planet: Top 75 Pagan Blogs And Websites for Pagans to Follow in 2019 . Feel free to check out the site !




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