To Protect or Not to Protect

September 1, 2019




Just like prosperity and wealth spells, Protection spells also have many different types. Which can also be said about every other type of spell. In everyday life, protection is something we all make sure to do. Many don't exactly know where to start or what to do in the spiritual and metaphysical sense. Here we'll focus on the most common ones. No matter the method(s) you have chosen to use, always have faith and place your intent.


Gris Gris


What you'll need:

  • Juniper berries used to prevent hexes or curses pointed toward you.

  • Arigimony herb which is used for protection, for reversing any bad energy or spirits.

  • Pennyroyal to ward off evil

  • Dill for good luck and protection.

  • Wormwood for protection from harm.

  • White willow bark for protection.

  • Amethyst or any protective stone of your choosing.

  • White or Black candles

  • white or black garbanzo bag or black piece of cloth big enough to be tied.


Like the other, it can be carried on your person or left at home.

Mix everything together and place in whatever bag you chose adding the stone of your choice.

Take and light the candle or candles if you have chosen to use more than one, place it in the middle of the candles to allow the gris-gris bag to charge. And as always don't forget to place your intent.


Protection Jars


What you'll need:

  • Jar.

  • White or black candle.

  • Cascarilla

  • Rosemary

  • Pennyroyal

  • Lavender

  • Sea salt or Black salt

  • 3 Bay Leaves

  • Dill

  • Red ribbon

  • Amulet

(You do not have to use all if you do not have, you can use substitutes.)

Start placing everything inside the jar starting with the cascarilla. You may grind them up or you may rip them yourself. While doing so, you can say a spell or visualize. one you place everything in it and place the top on. Attach the amulet to the ribbon and tie it around the jar.

Place the candle on top to charge and when the candle is done place it somewhere around your home.


Talismans and Amulets

Many people wear a piece of added protection around their necks, on their fingers, or around their wrists. They come in many different shapes, sizes and look as different as the next. Worn to protect their person, or even given as gifts to aid in protecting their loved ones.


A few Different types

  • Pentagram

  • Evil Eye

  • Seals of Solomon

  • Crystal bracelets

One could also make their own Amulets or Talismans. I have also attached one of the many ways to charge and Amulet.



For many, they want something as easy as drawing, and thats where sigils come in. To me, sigils are much more complex than just drawing. Since there are many methods, you have to pick which one is right for you. I attached pictures of a couple of sigils for protection.


 Soucre Unknown

These are all the main ones I often use. What others do you find yourself using?

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