Cleansing and Banishing Spray

August 31, 2019


I make this spray about once a month and sometimes use it in my ritual space before and after each spell. It's easy enough to smudge with sage, herbs or light incense, but sometimes I prefer to not have the scent of smoke due to a variety of reasons. Also if you are traveling and in a hotel you can smudge with this spray and avoid setting off the smoke detectors!


What you need:

Sigil of Saturn

These essential oils: 






Bottled water/filtered water/fresh water

Clean and empty spray bottle

Tape or glue



Saturn’s day/Saturday


What to do:

First physically cleanse your home as well as you can.


Next energize your sigil. You can do this any way you please but the easiest (and most fun) way is to masturbate . Lay back and place the sigil on your abdomen. Masturbate and as you orgasm direct the energy towards your abdomen and the sigil.


Then depending on your the size of your container pour half or the entire bottle of water in the container now drop at least 6 drops of each of the oils into the container


Wipe container with a towel to ensure you have a dry surface to stick place sigil on


Now tape the sigil to the bottle


If you like at this time you can state your intentions over the bottle such as ”empowered by Saturn and Earth this potion cleanses and banishes all energy which does not serve me” or whatever you like!


The spray is ready for use!



  • If you are unable to masturbate, meditation or simply speaking your intent over the sigil are easy alternatives

  • Store in a dark cool environment (I actually store mine in the fridge)





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