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August 26, 2019


Anansi Is someone I have been drawn to for a few years now. I didn't do much research about him until a year later. Seeing him portrayed in a show called American Gods is what initially drew me to do proper research. Throughout the show, you get a feel for the character, and although you may not know much about the God himself you get a feeling that the actor playing him is doing a great job at portraying him.

What the show tells you about Anansi Is that he helps you by showing you ways to help yourself. His trade is stories and he is a story for a story type of person, whether it is true or false that's for you to decide. He has a rage that is often displayed when his people are in danger. Shows us two different sides to him. One that appeared to not care and one that shows him caring too much wich appeared as anger.

Origin: Ashanti

Cult Center: West Indies, parts of Africa

Role: Storyteller / Deity

Symbol: Spider

Parents: Asaase Yaa Earth goddess / Goddess of Fertility, Nyame the Great Sky God

Spouse: Aso or Konori

Children: Ntikuma, etc...

Anansi is a master storyteller and full of knowledge on a vast number of things. His tales are believed to have originated from the Ashanti people in Ghana. He can be very serious, but he is also known as a trickster. In many ways, he reminds you of Papa Legba. Anansi also acts as a mediator between that of the humans and the Gods.

Like many trickster Gods/Spirits, Anansi is known to transform into many different animals, but his main form is that of a spider. Less Conspicuous and not to mention easier to gather more knowledge in his small state. It is said that Anansi is Akan and means, simply, spider.

West Africans had originally considered him the creator of the world. Often acting as a go-between or mediator for humans in their dealings with the sky god Nyame. The tale states that Anansi persuaded Nyame to give both rain and the night to people. In most stories, however, Anansi is a crafty and cunning trickster who makes life more enjoyable for himself (or more difficult for others) by fooling humans, other animals, and even the gods themselves, often using his cleverness and knowledge of his victims' ways of thinking to trick them and achieve his purpose.

Now The Akan are the largest ethnic group in present-day Ghana. Among the subgroups of the Akan are the following: Asante, Akuapem, Akwamu, Akyem, Agona, Kwahu, Wassa, Fante, Anomabo, Abura, Gomua, and Bono. These fables which star the spider as its star character originates with the Asante. Anansesem is the name given to the collection of spider tales.

Like many God/Goddesses/Spirits, Anansi is Androgynous. He is often shown as Half man, half spider and is trusted by all animals, even though he tricks them to get what he wants. There has been a debate about whether Anansi the deity is the same as Anansi the spider spoken of in oral and written traditions. Some argue that the two are completely different. While others state that they are the same, hence him being shown as half-human, half spider. A spider with a man’s face or head, or a man with eight legs.

Although stories Anansi are known throughout West Africa, they did make their way to the Carribean. They have become most prolific throughout the Jamaicas. Like many African/Caribbean deities, Anansi can be summoned with an offering of treats, smokes, and liquor. Keeping him interested in the story you chose is key. You cant expect the master storyteller to stick around if the story you chose is boring him. 

What do you know of Anansi?

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