Increase Your Brain Power Ritual with Metatron

August 22, 2019

Metatron is an angel with great powers, one of which in assisting you with your studies. My family, friends and I have called upon him quite a lot in the past few years! With his help we have become proficient in a variety of topics ranging from the darkest of magic to american sign language! You  still have to study but you will find you remember and comprehend difficult subjects more quickly. You may find after calling upon his aid a teacher becomes readily available for you or the money appears for the course you need. Time will also be freed up if that is an obstacle and you will find you need less time to master the subjects. This ritual is very simple but don't let that fool you! 






  • Start this ritual on a Sunday and repeat everyday until the following Sunday


What to do:


Face east


Standing, lift both your hands palm up and your feet facing forward but slightly apart 


Visualize your body as outer space, dark, vast and glimmering with stars the space starts small maybe in your abdomen, then visualize the space getting bigger and bigger consuming more and more of your body..see yourself in space floating eventually all traces of your body disappear and you and outer space are indistinguishable.


In a firm tone Say "In the name of the primordial source of all that is, was and shall ever be. In the name of the creator of the light, dark and all that lies between I call upon the creation Metatron Metatron, Metatron, Metatron. Great being Metatron Metatron Metatron Metatron come swiftly and attend to me. I who am a creation just as you crafted by divine energy with purpose. I seek assistance in learning  name of the subject. I wish to master subject because state the real reason you wish to learn the subject  thank you, Metatron, let us depart in peace."


You should keep your tone firm yet respectful.


After you make your request the ritual is over, allow yourself to feel satisfied knowing the outcome of the magic will be everything you desired and then go about your daily duties



  • Be very honest with yourself about the real reason you wish to learn the subject even if the reason is you want to learn Japanese to pick up Japanese women or you want to learn how to bake to outperform a snobby PTA's fine just be truthful.


  • I have found the entities labeled as angels answer the call of pretty much everyone regardless of religion or lack thereof in fact I wrote this spell to be as religion neutral as possible.















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