Confidence Boosting Mojo Bag

August 17, 2019



This mojo bag will help you find inner strength and radiate confidence. Because it channels the energy of the sun this magick will also begin the process of healing subconscious self esteem problems which may have developed over the years. Don't be surprised if  you find yourself reviewing the way you think about yourself and replacing negative head talk with positive affirmations.


What you need:

  1. 4x4 fabric in yellow,orange,gold or red

  2. Matching thread *you could also buy a drawstring bag in the appropriate color*

  3. Herbs needed ½ teaspoon of each:

  • Clove

  • Cedar

  • Orange peel

  • Myrrh

   4.   Marigold petals



  • Sunday *ideally during the hour of the sun

  • During Leo season

  • When the moon is in Leo and waxing or full


What to do:

Purify and cleanse your work space in your preferred way


Next prepare your bag by folding in half and sewing the two side openings ,leaving the top open to place herbs.


Place pre sewn bag on your altar or table along with herbs


Get into a mild trance state


Then hold your right hand over the items and begin to vibrate/sing the sound “EE” 3 times

Note: “EE” should sound like the ending of knee


Next position both hands as though you are holding a large tray around the area of your abdomen now say:

 I send my voice above to the celestials. Great entities who occupy space. Sol! Radiant source of energy and life. Magnificent illuminator of the darkness. Empower me! Shine your light on my spirit and spark a fire in my soul so that I can see myself clearly and value my unique powers and talents


Now extend your hands over the items almost as though you were warming them over a fire.

Imagine you are outside on a pleasantly sunny day. Perhaps you are on a beach and can feel the sun on your skin and simultaneously feel the sun’s warmth via the sand on your feet. Bask in this warmth. Allow yourself to feel good.


After you feel as though you have given enough energy to the items place the herbs in the bag and sew it up


I recommend carrying the mojo bag with you for at least 11 days After that you can take it off, if you please.

Once a month on a Sunday convenient to you light a candle in the appropriate color and dressed in corresponding herbs to to feed your mojo bag! Eventually you will find you no longer have a use for the bag that is perfectly normal! To discard simply bury the bag and thank the sun for this energy.



  • If you like you can also call upon your favorite sun god or goddess

  • Feel free to use words which resonate with you instead of the words suggested here



Mathers, S. L. MacGregor, and Aleister Crowley. The Lesser Key of Solomon: Goetia. Mockingbird Press, 2016.

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