Red Brick Dust

August 16, 2019


Photo Credit: The Skeleton Key


I first came across red brick dust by watching a movie called “The Skeleton Key”, when I was younger. (Anyone see it?) It’s only focus within the movie is Hoodoo and Voodoo. You seen the a lot of the characters in the movie have it laid outside their front door or room door or even around their house.

Starting out, I knew it was a form of protection, but I was still confused about it. So what exactly is Red Brick Dust?

That’s exactly what it is. Red Brick Dust is red clay bricks that have been pulverized into a powder and is used in the practice of hoodoo/root work/conjure. Some practitioners may add extra ingredients to the red brick dust to make it stronger, in a magical sense.

Red Brick Dust has been used by conjurers and root workers for centuries to scrub their front steps in order to ward off curses, evil, and bad juju. Laying red brick dust around your home will keep those who wish to steal, or do any other harm from crossing, onto your property. Those who wish to cause you harm such as evil can not step over the line of dust.

Where did it originate from?

Red clay/red Brick has been used by many different culture such as African, Egyptian, Native American, Southern Turkey, Jericho, Germany, go as far back as 7000 years ago.

Many suggest that the origin of the use of red brick dust can be traced to traditional African irosun powder. Irosun powder is red dust produced by termites from the barwood (Pterocarpus osun) and camwood (Baphia nitida) trees. Termites eat the outer white portion of the wood, leaving the heartwood to produce the reddish powder called osun. Irosun powder is used in Ifá for divining purposes; it is sprinkled on the divining tray by the diviner and figures of Ifá are marked on the tray in the powder.

Red brick dust got it's beginning and associated power in an abandoned brick yard on Dumaine Street in New Orleans. This was common place for Voodou Queens to gather and hold ritual. Repeated police raids on the brickyard drove the practitioners to Bayou St.John and Lake Pontchartrain.










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