Knot Spell with Goddess Isis/Auset

August 15, 2019


Knot magic is a very ancient and powerful practice found in many cultures. Knots secure things,bind items together and if tied correctly can keep things away from you. With this in mind you can see how knot magic has many uses for modern witches including protection, bindings, securing money and love. This particular spell will call upon the Goddess Isis in her aspects of wife and mother to draw a partner who is compatible, loving and well balanced.The love manifested will be a gentle romantic love instead a hot and heavy lust filled affair!

c. Diane Horton 2017


What you need:

1. White or pink candle

2. White string at least the length of your middle finger to your wrist

3. Olive oil in a small dish or cup



● Monday or Friday

● New moon or waxing moon

● Be sure the moon isn't void of course


What to do

Cleanse and purify your ritual area. Use whatever method you prefer.


Quiet your mind and when focused call lady Isis


“I call to the creative force of the universe I call her by the name Auset/Isis. Great Lady of magic, Goddess whose words hold immense power. Goddess of a 1000 names, Goddess of life and death. Cherished mother of Horus and revered wife of Osiris. Hear me Great Goddess attend to my rite.”


Next masturbate: as you pleasure yourself, feel how good it will feel to have a kind,nurturing and balanced relationship with a person who will appreciate you. Think of all the positive things you and your partner will do and how peaceful you will be with them. Visualize you and your partner doing activities that bring you careful not to imagine a specific person. Though gender and general qualities are okay.


After you masturbate use your finger, if you have a vagina, to collect some of your fluid and stir into olive oil. If you have a penis it may be convenient to relieve yourself into the container.


Now anoint your candle with oil and fluid mixture: place base of the candle on your abdomen and begin to dress the candle with mixture from top to bottom. The bottom should be on your abdomen. 


Next place candle aside and light it. While looking into the flame say,


”Great Goddess Isis as you searched for your husband I am now searching for my partner. Assist me in finding them in the most ideal conditions and timing for my current situation.”


Next dip your hands into the oil mixture and pick up the string Start in the middle and make a knot saying:

Yearning, searching, a longing that's great


Tie the next knot close to the first say:

Love found, destiny bound, a crossing of fate


Tie next knot on the other side of the first knot declaring:

No power from below or above


Tie the next knot on the other side of the second knot saying:

Will keep me from my ideal beloved


Now tie the last knot by tying together the two ends of the string saying:

Thank you much Isis for your much honored presence depart in peace

*While saying this truly feel grateful knowing Isis will bestow favor on your life in this area.


While allowing the candle to burn completely, meditate on your love and feelings of gratitude. Feel relief knowing your spell is working keep the knotted string in your left hand during this time.

After the candle completely burns, simply cleanse the space again, place the knot on your altar or in a safe place and go back to your regular day!



● If your candle burns extremely slowly or the flame burns very weakly repeat the spell again on another day when the time is optimum!

● If you are going through a break up or feeling negative about romance do no cast this spell wait until you have healed from past relationships to give this spell a better chance of manifesting good results. 




Griffith, F. Ll. The Leyden Papyrus: an Egyptian Magical Book. Dover Publications, 1985.







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