Words From the Concerned

August 14, 2019

Dear Witch/Pagan/Wiccan Community,


This post is pointed toward those who think that their way is the only way or what they say goes. I know a good handful of you think that you are damn better than any other that you come across, chill. No one is better than anyone. We all have knowledge the other may not possess and vice versa.


Let's start with the different names we call ourselves. I get so sick and tired of seeing someone post something and then someone comes on in with their comment that says "they don't exist" If a person wants to label themselves as something, it is NOT your place to tell them otherwise. If a dude wants to call himself a Warlock then that's what he is. It is Not your place to try and force what you think is right on someone else who may think otherwise. In many different traditions, That same word you may say doesn't exist or means something bad may mean something entirely different to another.


I guess people forget that a lot of people still think that Witches do not exist. It's 2019, so what. a year means nothing if people still refuse to learn. Open that mental block and read every once in a while. Hell, I use to be one that was just like that, guess what? I actually like to learn.


And you high and mighty individuals. No one is going to kiss your butt and take whatever shit you keep throwing at them because you think you are the queen or king of the craft. There is more than one way to practice and doing so does not justify your hatred. those who do stuff the way they are most comfortable with are still considered Witches, no matter how shocking it may be.

Seems like every year the divide inside the community is getting bigger and bigger and it's becoming a big headache. You start to wonder, do you really want to go out there and meet people who claim to be like-minded and then they turn around and condemn the way you chose to practice.

I honestly Wonder.




Sincerely Yours,

Momo The Open-Minded 💜💜💜










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