Our Lady of Holy Death

August 14, 2019


This past year I've developed a sudden Interest in Our Lady of Holy Death. I've been feeling a pulling, Light at first, but as I read more and dug deeper into her it became stronger. My individualized practice is Eclectic, but even so I've stayed on the path of Hoodoo, which to me seems to be the path of less resistance. Now, as all beginnings go, I didn't start on the path that I've found for myself. My second coming I started out as a practicing Wiccan, doing all I can to be as good as one could be, It was easy shedding my christian roots, especially as one who was wholly devoted in its entirety. But that's how beginnings go, right?


Lets head back to my findings, shall we? I started reading up on all I could at the moment, by visiting websites, as well as reading though books physical as well as online. I managed to scrounge up enough money to buy my first physical copy of "Santa Muerte: The History, Rituals, and Magic of Our Lady of the Holy Death" by Tracy Rollins. Which talks about many things including, rituals spells, the many aspects as well as the history. I found it to be a great source, and I plan on getting others as well.

My very first spell I used while calling upon her was a protection spell. And for that I called upon Niña Blanca, the white aspect of Santa Muerte. I created an altar which included offerings that I had on hand that i was sure she liked as well, which included Alcohol, Aloe plant, candy and flowers. Like many if not all, I also added a dish of salt and water, separately of course. Doing the spell was not on my behalf. Most of what I do is to help out others. The spell itself went off without a hitch, but even so, one must always tread carefully. Bellow I will share some of my findings of Santa Muerte. 


La Santa Muerte, Our Lady of Holy Death, also know as Santisma Muerte. Not officially recognized as a Saint to the Catholic church, but recognized by many who call upon her and worship her.The church condemns any worship of Santa Muerte and deems it a Satanic Practice. Already having many saints dedicated to death there is no need for Santa Muerte. Santa Muerte has become the unofficial Saint of Dia de los Muertos. The Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is held on November 2 which coincides with All Soul's Day- A catholic religious holiday when the faithful pray for the dearly departed souls of the dead.


The worship of Santa Muerte has become one of the fastest growing religious movements to note. Santa Muerte is most commonly called on by criminals such as drug traffickers or those who are often look over and mistreated such as the mentally ill, the homeless, the working poor, addicts, and those in the LGBTQIA+ Community. Santa Muerte does not separate good from evil and with that she can be called on for any problem known to man no matter the reason.. She has power over everything that can be touched by death and decay.There are many of her devotees that engage in heinous crimes including murder and to gain her favor. Some of have been accused of engaging in acts of cannibalism.

Santa Muerte goes by many names. Holy Death, Our Lady of the Holy Death, Pretty Girl, Queen of Death/Saint Death, Saint of Last Resort, Senora de la Noche, Skeletal Lady/Skeletal Saint/Skinny Girl, Sister/Mother Death/Bone Mother, White Sister/Lady/Mother.


One theory states that Santa Muerte was rooted in Africa. When the Yoruba slaves were brought over to America, they brought with them their religious beliefs which emerged as the African ritual traditions Palo Mayombe, Santeria, and Vodou. Some traditions closely resemble African ritual traditions and some devotees even go as far as saying that she is related to one of the many African Goddesses of cemeteries and rebirth.


Santa Muerte is recognized by seven colors:


Niña Blanca, the white aspect of Santa Muerte. called upon in matters of healing, protection, and purification. 


Niña Roja, the red aspect of Santa Muerte, call on her with concerns of earthly pleasures, such as relationships, acquiring lovers, repairing broken families, business partnerships and gaining new friends. 


Niña Azul, the blue aspect of Santa Muerte, call on her with problems such as communication and to smooth human interactions.. She is the teacher of students, the protector of children and the facilitator of communication.


Niña Verde, the green aspect of Santa Muerte, call on her for trouble regarding legal matters such as winning a court case. --Nina Verde is often utilized but those associated and popular amongst the drug cartels. Call on her to decide all matters of justice, balance, truth and fairness. 


Niña Negra, the black aspect of Santa Muerte, the one most associated with death and ruin. The most feared although not evil, call on her when you become the target of a curse or a nasty spirit. She will cause your problems to cease. 


Niña Violeta, the purple aspect of Santa Muerte, categorized as a natural magician adding in magical teachings, call on her to increase psychic insight and magical power.


Niña Dorada, The Gold aspect of Santa Muerte, commonly the most popular aspect of Santa Muerte. Work with Niña Dorado to attract money, business success, material wealth, and prosperity. It is common to see her in markets and places of business.


More Colours...


Pink: Having dominion over what one sees in the mirror, this aspect of the Santa Muerte may be petitioned for matters relating to beauty and love of self. A blend of red and white, the pink cloaked Santa Muerte brings together the loving energy of the color red with the soft, cleansing tranquility the color white. 


Silver / Copper: for the kind of success hoped for by gamblers, card players, and door to door salesmen. This is the aspect of Saint Death who you pray to when you need a stroke of luck. Yellow: The realm of health and healing is the energy associated with yellow Santa Muerte. A symbol of both physical and mental health, she is the patron saint of both healers and the sick, medical staff and their patients. Transparent amber is often considered the color of addiction and rehabilitation.


Brown: The color of dirt, which fittingly represents the grave, brown is the aspect of Santa Muerte dealing in matters of the realm of the dead, necromancy, and spirits. She is who you should invoke and work with when attempting to communicate with or petition the dead. Remember to always go through the Santa Muerte before working with the dead, and to use divination to determine whether or not you have permission to proceed with your magickal work beyond the veil of the living. This is considered advanced work and should not be performed by novices.


Rainbow: which is also known as the Seven Powers: If you do some searching online for images and depictions of the Santa Muerte in various colors, you will no doubt come across rainbow and multi-color Santa Muerte statues. The multi-colored cloak is just a way to receive the positive effects of each color without the need for several statues on a single altar. When you don't have the space or the funds for several different statues, or when you want to work with the Santa Muerte on different aspects of your life, a multi-colored statue offers a solution.


*Santa Muerte the History, Rituals, and Magic of Our Lady of the Holy Death by Tracey Rollins.














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