Familiar Spirits and Beyond

August 14, 2019

Lately I've been seeing a lot of posts about familiars.

How much do you know about Familiars?

Do you believe you possess any?



What do you associate the word "familiar" as? 
To a lot of us its an animal that aids and protects us during our workings. Today Modern witches refer to their household pets as Familiars. Not that they are wrong but lets shine a little light on the subject at hand.

Originally the Word "Familiar" is shortened for "Familiar Spirit". 
Familiars were said to have been given to witches from the devil.


What is a "Familiar Spirit"?
A Familiar Spirit referred to a spirit that aided in magical workings of the witch. A familiar isn't necessarily and animal, but can take the form of one. Truth be told a familiar can really be anything that you feel aids you in your workings. Such as magical tools which was stated by Robin Lucas. Familiars were even known to take the form of a human. Familiars can also be summoned as well as made. Put Simply, Familiars are categorized as "servants".


What is the purpose to a Familiar?
The purpose of a Familiar is to aid. They can protect and offer spiritual and energy combat as well as give you a boost of spiritual or emotional energy. They can also help with making the connection to the earth or your personal deities stronger. They help with gathering any needed magical ingredients. Aid you with spell work. As well as alarming you when danger is near. They protect and defend when they are needed. Animals also do the same when it comes to protecting their owners. They are already attuned and can sense when something is off. Especially cats in my opinion. In retrospect, The familiar cannot be own. Although many witches can and do have many, while others have no more than 1 or 2.



I've had the pleasure of Having a Familiar who turned out to be a cat. He appeared out of nowhere, Although he aided me when needed he left when his time was done. before he came into my life i was lost with my faith and with my practice. After 10 months it was his time to leave and move on. I knew he was unlike any other that I have come across or housed, He was not my pet he was allowed to come and go whenever he pleased. At the Risk of sounding crazy, he also told me his name.

What are your thoughts in regards to Familiars?













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