Candle and Colour Magick

August 14, 2019

Color magic is one of the simplest yet very effective forms of magic. It is using intention of a specific color to invoke its magical response. And each color has it's own properties. One of the best uses of color magic is with candles. Dressing and burning and magically charged candle of the corresponding color makes for a very powerful spell. Results are often immediate. Carrying stones or charm bags of the right color filled with charmed or charged items and herbs is another example of color magic.


Red Often used in love and seduction magic.
Love, lust, passion, attraction, strength, courage, life, force, career goals, survival issues, and the Root Chakra.
Witch tip: Wear a sexy red outfit for your next date and remind yourself that you’re the baddest witch in the room and your lover is lucky to have you.


Pink Often used in love magic.
Romance, friendship, nurturing, motherhood, emotional healing, and peace.
Witch tip: Carve your name and zodiac sign into a pink candle using a tooth pink, anoint it with your favorite essential oil, and then burn the candle for as a self-love spell. Bonus points if you line them around your tub and take a luxurious bath.


Orange is usually associated with creativity.
Energy, ambition, legal matter, sales, property, deals, business goals, and the Sacral Chakra.
Witch tip: Keep a bowl of oranges out on a table at home, and mindfully peel and eat one if you’re working on a project and find yourself stuck. One of the fastest ways to literally add color magick to your life is to consume a color through food.


Yellow is usually associated with abundance and joy.
The sun, confidence, persuasion, memory, intellect, education, creativity, and the solar plexus. 
Witch tip: Stick your head out your window for some extra rays or go for a walk around the block on a sunny day if you’ve been at your desk all day and are feeling meh.


Green is usually associated with earth and growth.
Money, health, growth, fertility, earth and plant magic, personal goals, and the Heart Chakra.
Witch tip: Paint your nails green during a time in which you could use some extra cash flow.


Blue is usually associated with peace and protection.
Inspiration, wisdom, astral projection, spiritual growth, peace, prophecy, and the throat and Third Eye Chakra.
Witch tip: Keep a painting of water, a blue bowl filled with seashells, or blue sea glass on an entry-way table to welcome peace into your home.


Purple is usually associated with intuition.
Protection, psychic ability, spiritual power, success, influence, healing, and the Crown Chakra
Witch tip: Take a break from your project to blast some Prince and dance around like the queen you are. When you're done dancing, you'll know what to do.


Black is associated with black magic as well as protection and uncrossing.
Protection, Binding, Banishing.
Witch tip: Wear black tourmaline for protection.


White is associated with cleansing and purification, but it can be used as a substitute for any color. 
Spirituality, purity, peace, meditation, divination, truth, and the goddess.
Witch tip: Meditate while visualize a sparkling white orb around you to act as a protective shield.


Silver is used to represent The Goddess.
Communication, intuition, dreams, astral travel and feminine power.


Gold is used to represent The God.
Wealth, winning, happiness, playfulness, and masculine power.






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