Roses in Witchcraft

Many of us if not all utilise roses in our workings. They can be easy to come by as well as dry and often used in Love and Sex Magick, but that isn't the extent of their uses. Like many herbs/spices/roots/flowers/stones, they have a multitude of uses. In many cultures, the rose has and still remains a sacred symbol as well a sacred herb. Some magical attributes include love, protection, healing, psychic powers, divination, luck, and fae magick. Roses come in an array of different colours and each with their own meaning. Magical Uses: • Rose petals can be added to charms against the evil eye and use to uncover the truth. • White roses worn at weddings will bring happiness and security to the couple. • A bath with rose petals is said to enhance beauty, and also help the bather to relax and become more centered. • Roses have long been associated with luck and good fortune. Spread rose petals around your altar space or carry some with you to attract good fortune in your love life. • Roses are used traditionally in love spells. It is great in incense and potpourri. Thorns can be used to mark wax figures. • Rosewater, when sprinkled on clothing, can provide protection. • Drinking rose-infused tea before bedtime is said to induce prophetic dreams. • Rosehips can be carried for general good luck or strung like beads for luck in love. • Rose hips can also be used as offerings to encourage friendly spirits to take up residence Deities: Isis, Aphrodite, Hulda, Cupid, Adonis, Venus, Eros, Demeter, Hathor. Astrological Sign: Taurus Planet: Venus Element: Water Gender: Feminine There is a tale that states Aphrodite named the flower rose as a dedication to her son, Eros. Another states that Cupid gave a red rose to Harpocrates the god of silence, to bribe him to secrecy over the dalliance of Venus. The red rose became the symbol of discretion, love, passion, and romance. Medicinal Uses: Rosewater has been known to lessen headaches caused by sunburn when applied directly to the forehead. Infuse the leaves or petals as a gargle, they are astringent, antiseptic, and healing to the throat. Rose petals contain Vitamin C, minerals, tannic acid, and antioxidants. Thus, when ingested can help to control blood flow, digestion, bile secretion, prevent diarrhea, aid asthma, and even help in the absorption of iron. When used externally, rose can help in treating wounds caused by fungus, cold sores, or inflammation of the eyelids. References-Links "Complete Book of Herbs and Spice, The" by Sarah Garland.


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