Scientific Name: Sanguinaria Canadensis

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Common names: bloodwort, red puccoon root, pauson, tetterwort, sweet slumber, snakebite, indian paint, coon root, Sang de Dragon ( Blood of the Dragon).

A wild flower that grows in parts of Canada and the United States. Bloodroot is a member of the poppy family. Bloodroots main constituants are stored in the rhizome. However, the sap is very toxic. It has been used as an ointment designed to destroy skin growths but this is a painful process.

Bloodroot is a native American wildflower that was used by the native population for red and orange dye. It was apparently used as body paint as well. It was not unheard of to apply bloodroot directly to the skin around wounds to remove dead tissue and promote healing. Was also used to cure cancer.

Magical Uses

It’s used are very similar to that of The Devils pod. Both are used by conjurers and root workers to aid in protection. Burn or carry a piece of the bloodroot in a red flannel bag to aid in protecting against hexes. In addition, you can burn as an incense or carry the root with you if someone is trying to take your husband or lover. Carry to attract a new lover. Place in windows and doorways to keep curses and evil spirits out. A favorite root for use in voodoo to defeat hexes and spells aimed against you.

Wear gloves when handling.



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