Banishing Oil

I made a banishing oil using a recipe I found online and changed up a bit. You can use it to dress your candle. Which is how I use it. You can also anoint a voodoo doll with it. Binding oil is used to protect yourself as well as binding and individual from doing you or anyone else harm.

It called for : -2 parts black pepper. -2 parts cumin . -2 parts cinnamon. -1 part cayenne pepper. -And castor oil to cover.

What I used was: 2 parts black pepper 2 parts cinnamon 2 parts cumin 1 part mugwort 1 part cayenne pepper Cover with Grapeseed oil


Cinnamon to deliver fast results. Cayenne pepper to give it that extra kick. Mugwort to protect against psychic attacks from anyone trying to do harm to you. Black pepper is great for warding off evil. Cumin repels evil.

Place all the herbs inside of a jar or glass bottle and cover with oil. when done place lid on and charge. when done charging keep in bottle for 2 weeks or until ready to be used.


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