Anethum graveolens

Planet: Mercury

Deities: Janus, Hermes, Anubis, Khensu, Brighid, Mercury.

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Chakras: Third eyes and Sacral

Zodiac: Gemini

Folk names include: Dillweed, Garden Dill, Dilly, and Aneto.

Dill has been used to bring in money, to bring in good luck, as well as used in many workings of protection, love, vanishing, binding, and to rid evil spirits.

*Hang stalks of dill over your baby’s cradle to keep away evil spirits as well as bad dreams and to calm your child.

*To ensure success place dill seeds in your shoes.

*To ensure protection carry on your person in protection satchets.

*Hang on your door to protect your home.

Dill seed is believed to stimulate milk production in breastfeeding women and alleviate colic. I can also be used to soothe and upset stomach.


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